Google Chrome, RoundPie, and some magic.

A power of RoundPie Chrome extension: create tasks from the browser, block what distracts you, and more.


To increase inner discipline, get sharper focus, outsmart unpleasant procrastination, and fight time-killing distractions.

When the RoundPie App and RoundPie Chrome Extension work together, everything improves.

Start working. We help.

How to start?

  1. Create a RoundPie App account, download, install, launch a desktop app, or open a web app. Step-by-step instruction is here.
  2. Install RoundPie App Chrome Extension
  3. Open the extension's options (right-click on the icon) to configure your installed extension:
    • Add your RoundPie API Key (you can get yours here)
    • Choose which app to use: desktop one or web one.

Congrats, you're all set!

Tricks, Tips and Hints

Start timer from your browser

Start timer from your browser

Click the extension icon in the Browser's Panel to launch a desktop or web app from any page, create a new task in the Local → Web folder, and open the timer for this task.

Create a custom-titled task from your webpage

Create a new task from your webpage

Select the text you want to use as the task's title. Right-click and choose "RoundPie it!" from the context menu. The task title will be created from the selected text.

Get rid of what distracts you from work

Get rid of what distracts you from work

Block all the distractive websites while the timer is ticking. You can turn this feature on/off and configure websites blacklist in the extension's options screen.

Hints for Trello users

Each Trello card has special button RoundPie It in the right hand side Actions list

Each Trello card has a special button "RoundPie It!" in the right-hand side Actions list, and an embedded special section about the time already spent on this task from RoundPie Log

embedded special section about the time already spent on this task

Enjoy the free RoundPie Extension and do your best to achieve your own goals!

How to use RoundPie App:

More about RoundPie App:

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