MeisterTask and RoundPie

We’re thrilled to announce that RoundPie now integrates with MeisterTask, and that we’re giving away a 1-year license of MeisterTask’s to celebrate the launch – read until the end to find out how to win!

Boost Your Productivity with MeisterTask to RoundPie Integrations

MeisterTask is one of the most intuitive project and task management tools on the web. Everyone in the team is on the same page with it’s flexible Kanban-style project boards that adapt to user’s personal workflow and are easy to customize. MeisterTask’s web app is complemented with iOS, Android, macOS and Windows apps that let you stay up to day wherever you are.


It seamlessly integrates with great tools such as online mind mapping app MindMeister that lets you brainstorm with others in real time and create project project plans visually; ZenDesk that lets you automatically create tasks from user support tickets and.. now with RoundPie!


RoundPie is a newest MeisterTask integration - and as you know we are a one stop time tracking and personal productivity system for Pomodoro technique and time boxing of your work.

Don’t copy-paste your work to and from MeisterTask - connect RoundPie and start your first timer within minutes! Your progress will be synced back to MeisterTask - and to other systems you might be using in parallel. Google Tasks, Trello, Google Calendar - you name it, we have 20 integrations and always look around for more of what people use to get productive.

MeisterTask Business edition brings intuitive, agile task management to the Enterprise and the intuitive integration with MindMeister uniquely position those tools for the creative businesses, inspire creativity and collaboration.

RoundPie integration with MeisterTask (and MindMeister through it) will help even more users try out timeboxing and regain control over their workflow using the Pomodoro technique, ensured work breaks (we all love the large break, don’t we?) increased productivity, reduced burnout and stress.

Free RoundPie version is available for your platform along with free trials of our more advanced plans for professional users. Try it out and if you feel like you hit a wall - always feel free to reach out, we’ll do our best to help you get back in the flow. At RoundPie we know productivity.

Please follow the instructions in MeisterTask's help article to connect the app with MeisterTask and start tracking time – you’ll be ready to get productive within minutes!

To celebrate the launch of our integration, the guys from MeisterTask have kindly provided a 10% discount for RoundPie users, valid for all of their premium plans. To make use of the discount, simply enter roundpie10 into the promo code field while you upgrade!

Want to give MeisterTask's premium plan a try before committing to anything? No problem - MeisterTask provides free 14-day trials which you can request via this form.

And last but not least, we’re giving away a free 1-year license for MeisterTask! To enter the competition for the free license, all you have to do is share a screenshot with an inspiring quote from MeisterTask’s dashboard and RoundPie Desktop app on Twitter or Facebook, making sure to mention @roundpieapp so we get a notification.

Boost Your Productivity with MeisterTask to RoundPie Integrations

The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 25th May 2018, 2 pm CET, and subsequently contacted via Twitter or Facebook.

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