Welcome to our series of RoundPie interviews, where we show you the people who use RoundPie and their stories. Our users will tell you...

  • how they use RoundPie
  • why they track time and use the Pomodoro method
  • what kind of results they were able to achieve

Coen Brasser, Motion Designer

Mile Živković, content marketing manager and writer

What is your name and what do you do?

Hello, my name is Coen Brasser, and I run a Studio called Brasser.io where we create commercials and experiences with 3D animations. Next, to that, I work as a freelance 3D Generalist and teach courses and classes in my field.

When have you started using RoundPie?

I started playing around with the Pomodoro technique during my time studying. I have always been battling a short attention span, had an interest in improving my productivity and was trying to overcome procrastination.

Pomodoro is one of my oldest and simplest hacks to just get started and just a solid base system to work with. I have been using RoundPie on and off over the years, seeing it really complements my tasks managers with a small desktop app timer/tasklist.

What is the main reason you track your time and use the Pomodoro technique?

The biggest win for me is using the Pomodoro to focus on one task and don't get sidetracked. The biggest challenges in my work life are not the high-pressure jobs where I have everything layout and planned and know what to do because it is tightly connected to deadlines.

It is the moments between projects where I have complete freedom and need to focus on the important and not the urgent. When I’m researching I can get sidetracked so easily.

How do you most commonly use RoundPie?

My current workflow is centered around the new Google Tasks for my day to day planning, I love how well that is integrated into my google calendar and mail. My calendar I use for blocking out time. And then for more complicated projects, I have a Notion.so project file, where I have a host of Tables and Kanban boards full of breakdowns, To-Dos, and other checklists.

What kind of results have you achieved by tracking your time?

I've been a time tracker for many years now, mainly by using Rescuetime to automate the process. Time tracking just gives me an honest overview of what I do with my most precious; time (queue Gollum voiceover).

What is your favorite RoundPie feature(s)?

By far the task list integration and translating that into a simple desktop app with a build in Pomodoro Timer that works on several easy to set time frames.

Your best tip for tracking time or using the Pomodoro technique?

I love beginning the day with a 4x5 minute Pomodoro session, which is great for getting the ball rolling. Other than that, just keep your system as simple as possible.

Coen Brasser,
3D Generalist, FX Artist, Motion Designer
Brasser.io: Coen Brasser, 3D Generalist, FX Artist, Motion Designer
Den Haag, The Netherlands

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