About ClickUp

ClickUp is a top productivity platform that is a fundamentally new way to work. The platform's core focus is on removing frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by existing project management solutions. Manage your reminders, notifications, calendars, and tasks in your personal and work life - all in one place! Choose the features you want to use and customize ClickUp the way you want. Save more time by combining the tools you use every day into an intuitively powerful project management platform.

Why ClickUp?

We’re on a mission to make people love software, in many cases for the first time ever. The entire ClickUp team is highly passionate about creating software that changes people’s lives. If you must use the software daily, why not use software that doesn’t constantly beam frustration?

ClickUp has multiple views of your team’s tasks, each reflecting a different set of needs and aligned with different roles. The platform has a wide range of features - from simple task lists to complex workflows. If you want the basics, you got ’em. And if you want the bells and whistles, you can add ’em.

ClickUp is all about making it easier to do your work with helpful features that go beyond the other guys

ClickUp is all about making it easier to do your work with helpful features that go beyond the other guys. Yes, we have all the core features that you need, plus more:

How do I connect ClickUp with RoundPie?

First off, head to your profile on the RoundPie website. Here, you can select ClickUp under integrations:

Here you can select ClickUp under integrations

Click on the icon, authorize RoundPie's access, select the team(s), and click Connect!

From this point on, you can choose which projects from ClickUp (left column) you wish to sync with RoundPie (right column).

The settings below the right column allow you to toggle empty projects or lists on/off to declutter your workspace.

You can also ask RoundPie to show your ClickUp Today/Overdue lists in the app. The same is true about subtasks, grouping tasks by status, and syncing completed tasks from RoundPie back to ClickUp.

Here you can select ClickUp under integrations

Now you're all set: launch the RoundPie web, desktop, or mobile app, and you’re ready to go.

NB: The ClickUp integration is only available to RoundPie users with the Ultimate plan – purchase yours today with a 10% discount:

Do you want to try before buying? Grab our special 2 weeks long Ultimate plan trial.

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