Is it simply enough to have a job, an office or huge organization to work in? And getting a cheque at the end of the week? A workplace no matter small or large has to be taken off by efficiency and achievement that empowers itself in the form of tangible results for the company and is rewarding for the employee.

Less productive inputs will lower your efficiency levels which are simply bound to affect the business by jeoparding its sustainability and survival.

In this article, we will look at how can leaders and managers improve employee productivity along with saving time. Let's begin.

improve employee productivity

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Hack #1 Set Deadlines

We all know how bad thing stress can be; at a manageable level, you should have self-imposed deadlines which can actually help you in terms of giving focus and also helps to meet your goals. For open-ended tasks and projects, try to give yourself a deadline and then stick to it vigorously in order to discover how focused and productive you can be while watching the time.

improve employee productivity

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Hack #2 Track and Limit the time you're spending on each task

You may think you're amazing at gauging how much time you have spent on different tasks on a daily basis. some research suggests that only a few percents of people are good at the accurate estimation of the time. A tool like Pomodoro App can be the best fir to track your workflow on top of your current task management service. The mobile app lets you know how much time you have spent on daily tasks along with social media, email and word processing.

Hack #3 Take Regular intervals

It may feel counterintuitive to hear but taking scheduled breaks can help to improve concentration as it maintains a constant level of performance. Whereas working at a task without taking regular breaks can lead to a steady decline in your performance.

Hack #4 Avoid Multitasking

We often believe that the skill of multitasking is crucial to increase our productivity but the opposite may, in fact, be true. It is found that doing multiple tasks at once can result in more time consumption and loss of productivity. Instead of this, you can make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to your next project.

Avoid Multitasking

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Hack #5 Get along with '2-minute rule'

This rule helps to make you feel better and gets you a sigh of doing more work. If you see a task or an action which can be done in that 2 minutes or even less than doing it at the same time.

Hack #6 Learn to say NO to meetings

Meetings can be one of the most time-sucked things yet somehow we can continue to book them unquestioningly and inevitably by complaining about them. This can waste a lot of precious time by the employees in such unproductive meetings. Therefore, from next time before you book any meeting, ask yourself whether you can accomplish the same goals and tasks via another medium like email, phone, and web-based meeting; if yes, then go for it.A good rule to follow is: if there's no meeting agenda, cancel the meeting.

Hack #7 Be self-motivated

When you join an organization or it is expected that you will perform all the given tasks on a daily basis as it is impossible for the managers to spend all their long day behind you to check whether you are working or not. Here, they expect you to be self-motivated that enhances your knowledge and skills which are required to prioritize the tasks. This will find better ways and means to complete the projects. One of the best ways to stay self-motivated is to take up tasks and complete the assigned work on time to meet the expectations.

Be self-motivated

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Hack #8 Learn to have good Written and Verbal Communication

Communication is considered as the most important skill for the employees when they join any organization no matter the size. There are a few employees who do not have basic literacy skills as the employees cannot manage to survive in the long run. But those employees who possess some good communication skills for a job can easily stay back for a long period of time.

Hack #9 Learning, Learning, and Learning

This is a trending concept developed by employers. They leave individual on their own to learn and grow skills as per the requirements. Employers are looking for employees who possess such skills in them and encourages to take ownership of the learning process. Eventually, this will increase the confidence of the individual that leads to achieving more goals.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you are aware of how to boost your productivity at the workplace. If you feel the need to increase your productivity at work then try to resist the temptation by putting in long hours and pack more into your full calendar. Instead of this, take a step back and think about the ways where you can work smarter and not harder. Keep Learning!

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