Welcome to our series of RoundPie interviews, where we show you the people who use RoundPie and their stories. Our users will tell you...

  • how they use RoundPie
  • why they track time and use the Pomodoro method
  • what kind of results they were able to achieve

Stacey Harmon, Evernote certified Consultant

Liz Hardwick: Co-Founder, International Speaker and Trainer at DigiEnable

Stacey Harmon,
Evernote certified Consultant and Principal at HarmonEnterprises
EverDONE program
Austin, Texas

Stacey Harmon is Principal of Harmon Enterprises, a online training company dedicated to helping professionals get digitally organized and effective. Digital and organization isn’t just what Harmon Enterprises does, it’s how Stacey thinks and she practices what she preaches. Stacey is constantly curious about today’s technologies and tools and incorporates them into her daily life. She is also constantly improving the efficiencies of Harmon Enterprises’ workflows and designing better processes as new tools become available. By doing so, she is able to better equip her clients with strategies to compete in the increasingly digital marketplace.

There's no doubt that Stacey’s favorite digital tool is Evernote. Her passion for Evernote has led her to become an Evernote Business Certified Consultant [a certified Evernote expert] and her dedication to the Evernote Community has resulted in her selection as an Evernote Regional Leader [one of 7 chosen across the globe]. A respected and engaging trainer, Stacey teaches Evernote productivity to audiences both online and offline.

Stacey Harmon about Evernote, GTD, productivity, Pomodoro technique, and RoundPie:

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