Adjusting to life in college can be challenging. If you want to maintain good grades and enjoy your time on campus, read these tips to increase productivity.


College life is a daunting experience for most students, especially during the first year. New students find it difficult to recalibrate from their high school routines to the new college dynamics. This difficulty comes as a result of the high degree of freedom and the other extra-curricular activities available on college campuses. To cope with these changes, many productivity apps come in handy if you want to maintain good grades and remain mentally active.

Time management strategies for college students

Time management strategies for college students

Sometimes, you find yourself following every schedule strictly but still manage not to get enough work done. This problem is uniform across the board for every college student. The battle with time is a common issue for community college students. However, to get good value for your time, you need to make use of effective time management tools. Here are some of the time management techniques for students:

Make use of time management tools

The best time management strategy is tracking your time. By keeping a note of how you spend your time, you will become aware of the amount of time you waste on frivolities and work on cutting down. Making use of a reliable productivity app simplifies this process rather than manual time tracking.

Set strict deadlines

When you have a task in your schedule, make sure to set a deadline. The level of productivity increases when you follow strict deadlines. Also, make sure that you complete one task before heading over to the next. This hack with time management for college students helps to boost productivity in the most effective way possible.

Make plans ahead of time

Tips for Students to Increase Productivity

Once you know the tasks that lie ahead in the coming few weeks or days, you need to set out a plan on how to work on them. This plan has to focus on the level of difficulty according to your schedule. Do not hesitate to make use of time management tools like a diary and other productivity helpers to plan out your time.

Compartmentalize your errands

A great time management technique is when you group your errands by tasks related to each other. Also, you can plan your time so that you can focus on tasks that are similar to each other. This time management strategy ensures the seamless flow from one obligation to another.

Other productivity tips for college students

Your level of productivity increases when you complete a large number of tasks over the allocated time frame. Apart from time management strategies, there are other productivity tips that help improve the efficient use of one’s time:

Maintain a healthy diet

The brain gains a lot from a healthy diet. Due to the stress that comes with college life, some students forget to pay attention to what they eat. However, by maintaining a healthy diet, your energy levels will remain high. Also, productivity increases when your immune system is charged and ready to repel any illness.

Adequate sleep

Most studies on the effect of sleep on the body show that productivity increases massively when the body gets up after 8 hours of sleep. Don’t try to make a habit of doing tasks overnight. This tendency stresses the body, thereby leaving it susceptible to stress. The stress, in turn, leads to a lack of concentration as well as insomnia which massively hurts the level of productivity.

Set attainable goals

An excellent way to increase productivity is by setting attainable goals. Studies have shown that productivity increases when you have achievable goals to complete. The reason for this is that seeing future goals being reached serves as motivation to continue working. If you set lofty goals, it is only a matter of time before you lose interest or give up hope. The goals you set should be achievable, time-strict and measurable.

Choose a favorable working environment

The nature of the task you are working on is as important as your workspace. The college students’ productivity increases when they work in a conducive environment. It is not advisable to study in noisy surroundings. Try to get used to the library and other facilities on campus. Also, make use of noise-canceling headphones if you need to ‘tune-in’.

Put a Handel on your routine!

Different genres of music tend to trigger certain parts of the brain. Some genres are a great fit for the working process. Listening to classical music or lounge music helps to increase the level of focus and in turn, productivity. If you can work with background music or headphones, this will be an advantage to you. But if you find it difficult to concentrate with music, then this productivity technique is not for you.

Arrange your work

Tips for Students to Increase Productivity: Arrange your work

A good productivity tool is the arrangement of tasks based on the level of difficulty. If you work on the difficult tasks first, they tend to drain your energy. Eventually, you can focus on the easier task with what is left before taking a break. But if you start with the easier tasks, the challenging ones become more daunting and frustrating with time.

Take advantage of your commute

Yes. Commutes can be annoying, especially if you are using the subway. But instead of staring into the faces of all the strangers on the train, you might as well use that time to do some light reading. Audio readers and eBook readers are good time management tools, as well as productivity ones.

Take regular breaks

A good productivity tip is taking breaks between tasks. This technique serves as a reset button for the human body. Also, it provides an opportunity to break the cycle and seek inspiration outside. As part of the break, you could just go for a walk and get some fresh air or simply rush to the water cooler to rehydrate.

Turn off notifications

While working on a task, you should turn off notifications on your devices. Notifications serve as a major source of distraction to most young people. The source of this distraction is not only the sound but also the divided attention that comes in trying to see what popped up on the screen.


Ultimately, the use of productivity tools helps in improving the overall well-being of college students. With the use of productivity apps and powerful time management tools, you can improve your grades and have a good time at college.

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