It only takes a few minutes to change up the working environment, yet many of the workers and employers stay stuck in a congested, dull or unclean environment. A workplace that is not clean leads to toxic behavior and can hinder productivity by a huge margin.

Considering its impact, we are sharing some tips that offices can use to introduce changes to their working environment.

Changes to your Working Environment that could Increase Wellbeing and Productivity

1. Good Lighting

A place that has a surplus amount of natural lighting promotes productivity among employees. On the other hand, an office space where the lighting is too bright or dull can lead to eye strain and headache issues. All of this could lower the productivity levels by a massive number.

To deal with this, employers should introduce LED lights that are set at the right level of brightness intensity. If possible, offices can also make use of natural lighting by installing windows that let the sunlight inside the premises. This could boost the employees’ vitamin D intake and could be a sustainable option in the long run.

2. Create a Culture of Speaking Up

Create a Culture of Speaking Up

Promoting a toxic culture not only kills the mood but also diminishes the productivity and well-being of employees. According to a Harvard study, 66% of employees said that their working performance declined while another 63% said that they lost precious work hours by avoiding the offender.

A toxic environment dampens the high spirits of the employees but how does one promote a toxic culture? Well, nobody intends to create a toxic culture; however, taking away your employees’ right to speak up can leads to an unfriendly environment. Letting toxicity fester will not help anybody. So, it is better to create a platform or a healthy work culture where individuals do not worry about the repercussions of speaking up. In addition, create an anonymous platform where employees can lodge complaints without worrying about offending their coworkers.

3. Utilize Technology

Offices that utilize technology in every aspect of their work culture promote a high level of productivity among their employees. Smart lighting along with smart heating can create a comfortable environment for the employees. Providing Wi-Fi that reaches every corner of the office and future-proofing everything is a must. If possible, automate everything and create a central hub where you can control office lighting, climate, air quality, and security.

While incorporating technology can improve the office conditions, it is not without certain downsides. Employees’ productivity can take a hit if they are too busy figuring out the functions or glitches within the system. So, you need to make sure that your system and the office tech is modern and up to date.

4. Improve Air Quality

It is official: bad air quality leads to headaches which affect the productivity and well-being of the employees.

Some offices have a culture of keeping their windows shut all year long. In summer, closed windows keep the bugs out and in winter, it keeps the coldness out. While it may sound like a nice strategy, it decreases the air quality leading to high amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

To deal with this, the offices must have functional air vents in place that regulates the air and provide employees with a sense of freshness. If possible, keep the windows slightly open and invest in indoor plants. Both of these options are great when it comes to keeping everyone healthy and their productivity on the rise!

5. Encourage Healthy Habits

Most of the offices have invested in personal spaces that provide employees with the freedom to move around. Some offices have gaming areas, while some prefer to keep it all physical by providing a gym facility. This improves the work quality of the employees and since such activities can release the mental burden, it also leads to increased productivity.

Encourage Healthy Habits

To have a positive impact on your employees, you can invest in a ping pong table, a gym facility or any other personal space where the employees can go to take off some pressure. To control employees from spending too much time in such facilities, you can introduce a policy that dictates how much time each employee spends in each facility.

6. De-clutter the Desk

People attach sentimental values with random objects. It does not matter whether it is a chocolate wrapper or any other junk, all it matter is that the junk will be kept in the drawer for safekeeping. This is a natural human habit yet one that leads to unnecessary accumulation of random objects that belong in a trash can. Holding onto such stuff not only takes up space but it also leads to germ or insects’ infestation in drawers, carpets, and whatnot.

Before this issue reaches a point where you have to hire a professional carpet cleaning London services, you need to de-clutter your desk and preach the same to your employees. Reclaim your personal space back and throw out everything that has little to no value.

By having fewer germs or insects to worry about, employees can direct their attention towards something that matters, i.e. office work!

7. Increased Movement in Office

Usually, offices have a sedentary lifestyle that requires employees to sit at their designated spots for more than 6 hours. The lack of movements in the office setting not only leads to physical or health issues but it also dulls the senses and kills creativity. To increase productivity, workspaces must invest in ergonomic furniture and sit-stand desks that allow employees to stretch or work out their muscles.

Also, provide some kind of activity which compels employees to move away from their work stations. Activity zones like yoga rooms or providing access to outdoor areas can also increase productivity and ignite creativity.

Wrapping Up

The well-being of employees is fundamental for increased productivity. If the employees are satisfied and happy with their work conditions, you will witness an increase in your overall business results. Therefore, employers must focus on the working conditions and introduce the necessary changes that nourish the health and creativity of their employees.

So, foster a healthy environment by regulating air, creating activity centers, utilizing technology, and promoting a speak-up culture among many others. By incorporating all the right elements, you will notice an improvement in your profits and the productivity levels of your employees!

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