“I have been a working mom for the last 5 years and one thing that I have realized is, without a few hacks being followed, it’s quite difficult for me to balance my personal as well as professional life. This is because it was very challenging for me to raise a baby keeping the same work efficiency. Sometimes I feel like a superwoman while at the other times a helpless one. But one thing that I have learned is, there are a few tricks or hacks that helped me keep going and my kiddos happy. ”

These are the words of a working woman when we interviewed her that how she manages her personal and professional life. On asking further about the hacks she follows, she listed a few of them:

The Secrets of Working Moms’ Productivity Spilled Here

Hack 1: Wake Up Early

Since the kids do not wake up till 7-7:30 a.m, waking up at 5-5:30 a.m will give you an extra 90 minutes with the freshness of the early morning. If you want, you can take its maximum advantages. It’s understood that waking up early is quite difficult but it will boost your confidence as you will be way ahead even before the day merely starts.

Hack 2: Shower of Coffee

Yes, it’s true that the energy hormones of many folks begin producing when they get a shower of coffee/tea. Many researches have shown that coffee raises your energy level and makes you smart. If you are the same kind of addict, then you can try it. Most probably, it will freshen you up eventually boosting your productivity.

Hack 3: Pick Your Hour

The Secrets of Working Moms’ Productivity Spilled Here: Hack 3: Pick Your Hour

It would be difficult to work continuously being at home, so you have to pick the hours when you can work the most. For this, you need to be aware of your high-energy time and try to schedule for your office work keeping other things aside. You can also split your work according to high and low energy level time.

Hack 4: The Pomodoro Approach

It is a time-management technique that suggests you break your work into chunks. After 25 minutes of work, take a break of 5 minutes. Use a timer so that you don’t have to look on to clock often. Being a mother, you can utilize that time in quick cleaning tasks, such as wiping down slabs, watering plants, changing clothes of kids, or making a cup of tea.

Hack 5: Hide Your Phone

Not seriously, but while you’re working, keep your phone aside. This is because you will check it far less and remain concentrated on the work. Also, turn off your social media accounts so that you surf less even while being at the system and work more efficiently. After following this rule, you’ll eventually understand that it was worthwhile.

Hack 6: Reward Yourself

The Secrets of Working Moms’ Productivity Spilled Here: Hack 6: Reward Yourself

Make a list of fun things like lunch with family, go for a walk with husband, play with children, or binge-watching. Do it after the completion of your work. This way you will remain energetic and excited. It will not only let your work get accomplished but also keep you happy.

Hack 7: Do Self Care

You need to recharge yourself to keep your energy level high. Even the God who has made us command us to take rest from time to time. Sit with the family or watch your favorite show, download an interesting movie through 1337x torrents or listen to music. You can’t keep yourself at the same energy level 24*7, so rejuvenate yourself. You will not feel low, irritated, or frustrated.

Hack 8: Set Realistic Goals

Delicious home-based food, sparkling white floor, and accomplished office work look realistic only on Pinterest, not in real-life. Since being a working woman, we have to manage all the work on our own with a little support, so always set realistic goals. Dream and work only for that which is feasible.

Hack 9: Make a Routine for Kids

Kids also need time from us. I suggest keeping ample time for them so that they too feel pampered and cared. Create a weekly routine for your family and put every possible effort to keep them adhere to it. Also, create a list that is needed to be done on a weekly basis. In short, neither your work nor the housework will be hampered.

Hack 10: Get Proper Sleep

Last but not least, this is the most important point among all. You will always regret late-night work the very next day. It is crucial for our body and soul that we take rest. Sleep before 10 p.m so that you get awake by 5-5:30 a.m. (Hack 1). You will feel so much energetic throughout the day. A cup of coffee won’t hurt you either (Hack 2).

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The Final Words

With your babies asking for your time always, focussing on work becomes a real challenge. I appreciate the efforts you have made to set an example for the kids to not let go of anything you love. These productivity hacks will only empower you to do better and reach the heights you have been sacrificing for. Let’s wind this up with a quote by Arianna Huffington,

“The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become a fearless mother is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly – indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.”

About the author:

Scarlett is a mother of one, and is working with A3logics for a couple of years. She is techy at heart and loves to pen down the technology-related blogs for the website. She has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and is always busy reading about it. When she is not a technical writer and a mother, she is found sipping her coffee in the nearby cafe with her favorite novel in hand.

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