Are you thinking about how to stay more focused on your work and personal life? Do your teammates dream about remaining productive while doing several activities at once? Or maybe you just want to keep the promises for the New Year?

After all the crazy stuff that happened in 2020, you & your long-year colleagues deserve something different, and way more special.

Give them the RoundPie App! It is a performance & productivity tool, which uses the Pomodoro Technique & works as a task and time management unification platform.

What is the RoundPie App, you may ask?

RoundPie App is not only a time tracking tool and offers a way wider range of usefulness. RoundPie helps to manage distractions and maintain your motivation while working on multiple professional & personal tasks. Give RoundPie App as a gift to your colleagues & help to strengthen their habits to keep the New Year promises by using the Pomodoro technique!

With RoundPie App subscriptions, you will be able to experiment with the Pomodoro technique in your favorite project management integrations such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and many more!

Download RoundPie App

We have a tool that supports keeping the New Year promises & bringing the joyful Christmas spirit to your friends, your teammates, YOU! By using the RoundPie App your colleagues or friends will surely grow the right time managing skills, avoid getting mentally exhausted from work-overload, and smoothly maintain many promising plans & projects during the upcoming year!

Have a glance at various RoundPie App offers that spark productivity to any workflow platform:

RoundPie App Christmas' Offers

Lite Plan as a gift to your special one

RoundPie App is a must-have tool for everyone who needs to improve their working skills and personal projects. Better time management means more free time together.

If your dear friends or colleagues work with one or a couple of project-management integrations, it is time to make your task & time management easier. Try out the Lite Plan that allows you to use RoundPie App in 3 different project-management integrations all year long just for €24 ($27.49) in total. It has never been easier to keep your New Year promises!

Using more than 3 integrations? We have the Ultimate Plan for you

The Ultimate plan means no limitations. As simple as that. And the ultimate plan is a perfect gift selection for your team or family to help them to achieve more, and have way more fun together with the Pomodoro technique!

Use RoundPie App in numerous project and task management integrations to track your working time and chat platforms to silence it while you're in the focus mode. With RoundPie App you can decrease the level of mental-exhaustion while working on multiple projects & integrations at the same time. 

Reach satisfying productivity in your task management only for €42 ($48.11) for the whole year!

Bring productive spirit to your team with the 5-license Package

Five licenses = five Ultimate plans for you & your teammates. It is a perfect Christmas gift for small teams that are focused on building a productivity culture for your company. With RoundPie App your teammates are able to keep the level of accountability while tracking tasks & achievements with the Pomodoro technique.

The monthly price for the 5-license Package is €25 ($28.64).

Bigger team - bigger challenges: 10-license Package helps to stay on track!

The package of ten ultimate plans brings the real Christmas spirit to all your teammates or your department members and helps them to keep the New Year promises! Do you have a team that is driven by managing multiple projects at once & want to improve their daily task performance? You can help to maintain their motivation with the Pomodoro technique! 

Make your team even more productive & more excited for the upcoming year with the 10-license package for €45 ($51.55) by paying monthly.

Get RoundPie App

All premium RoundPie plans include valuable features such as Local project management, Custom timer length, Interruption notes, Subtasks support, Evernote tags filtering, and Inner Tags customization.

Have you already tried the RoundPie App?

RoundPie is the simplest way to track your workflow in-app or on top of your current task management service and to be more productive during your workday. Its key features include collaboration tools, project management, a time tracker, and more. 

Moreover, the setup process is super easy - connect your favorite task management application and start using RoundPie App in just 3 minutes.