Are you wondering how to stay more focused while doing numerous tasks on the Todoist application? Or perhaps you just want to remain productive while managing several projects on Todoist at once?

RoundPie App, in collaboration with Todoist, introduces an early Holiday Present to their users in order to make the productivity journey more useful and fun. The offer, which is available to be redeemed on November 16 - December 31, 2020, gives special mutual discounts for only RoundPie App Premium (Lite&Ultimate) Plan users & Todoist Premium clients.


What is the RoundPie App?

RoundPie App is the easiest way to track your workflow in-app or on top of your current task management service and to remain productive during your workday.

RoundPie App combines the time tracking and the productivity-boosting benefits of the Pomodoro™ technique, invented by Francesco Cirillo, to help you get things done.

Also, the RoundPie App offers way more valuable benefits than just time tracking. The Pomodoro-technique-based solution helps to manage distractions and decrease the level of mental-exhaustion while working on multiple projects at once. Additionally, RoundPie improves the maintenance of your motivation while working on multiple professional & personal tasks.

How does RoundPie help to remain productive while using Todoist?

Todoist is the number-one to-do list and task manager application that helps to organize your work projects and personal tasks. With Todoist you can interact and coordinate tasks with others as well as your own.

Learn more on how to set up the RoundPie App into your Todoist account here:

With the help of the RoundPie App, you can:

Download RoundPie App and connect it to your Todoist account in just 3 clicks!

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Special Todoist offer for RoundPie Premium Plan users

It is more than exciting to present a Year-offer to dear RoundPie Lite & Ultimate Plan clients: a 3-month FREE Todoist Premium plan!

All the Lite & Ultimate plan users will receive a promo code via email in order to redeem their 3-month FREE OF CHARGE Todoist Premium plans.

Create new tasks, plan your day, collaborate on projects in lists or boards, and even more while using RoundPie App buckets and time tracking. The offer is available only for RoundPie Premium consumer accounts. Redeem your coupon from November 16 - December 31.

Discount for Todoist Premium clients on RoundPie App Premium Plan

Todoist introduces a special offer to its Premium users: 30% discount on RoundPie App Ultimate Plan!

Click the button below in order to connect RoundPie to Todoist account & claim your 30% discount on RoundPie App Ultimate Plan. Only the Todoist Premium clients can redeem the discount. The offer is available from November 16 to December 31, 2020.

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