Welcome to our series of RoundPie interviews, where we show you the people who use RoundPie and their stories. Our users will tell you...

  • how they use RoundPie
  • why they track time and use the Pomodoro method
  • what kind of results they were able to achieve

Tim Kist, Android Developer

Mile Živković, content marketing manager and writer

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Tim Kist and I'm an Android Developer at Imagitech, based in Swansea, UK.

When have you started using RoundPie?

I've been using it since the beginning of February 2016 and loving it!

What is the main reason you track your time and use the Pomodoro technique?

I found that I got easily distracted from my work with internal emails, the internet or finding things which need fixing or a finishing touch. I was also getting caught up with perfecting a feature or a task and had trouble moving on to something else. Now I'm a lot more focused, less distracted and am getting better at marking tasks as complete - or not.

How do you most commonly use RoundPie?

RoundPie is the first app I open on my computer when I log in until when I report to my boss the work I've done at the end of that day. I take 15 minutes to plan the work for the day and then start work. I usually pick a task on Todoist in the browser (Vivaldi) with the Chrome extension to schedule my tasks for 'Today' and then use the RoundPie icon beside each task to open it in RoundPie.

What kind of results have you achieved by tracking your time?

I can find out what tasks I've spent the majority of my time on and it makes me assess the progress of each task so I can give an accurate report back to my manager of what I've been working on that day.

What is your favorite RoundPie feature?

Probably the Powershell/AppleScript integration. After hearing about this integration it inspired me to make a raspberry pi timer which syncs the RoundPie timer with the task I'm working on. The team have been great supporting me with the development of it. Now, it's part of my daily process at work.

Your best tip for tracking time or using the Pomodoro technique?

Whenever you do work, start the timer. Even if you don't think you have time for the full 25 minutes or you don't think a task will take 25 minutes, it is still worth hitting start on the timer. The problem I have is that when the timer stops, I find it hard to stop! I'm working on being more disciplined with that.

Timothy Kist,
Android Developer
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