Welcome to our series of RoundPie interviews, where we show you the people who use RoundPie and their stories. Our users will tell you...

  • how they use RoundPie
  • why they track time and use the Pomodoro method
  • what kind of results they were able to achieve

Mile Zivkovic, content marketing manager and writer

Mile Živković, content marketing manager and writer

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Mile and I'm a content marketing manager, content writer, and copywriter. As you can probably tell, I spend most of the day writing.

When have you started using RoundPie?

I've started using it about half a year ago when I realized that I have no clue where my time went at work.

What is the main reason you track your time and use the Pomodoro technique?

I had a feeling I was losing my time and spending too much of it on irrelevant tasks, neglecting those that matter. Also, it's a great tool for tracking time for clients who pay by the hour. I can bill the exact amount of time I've spent on a task.

How do you most commonly use RoundPie?

I fire it up once I start researching a certain topic I need to write about, then once again once I start writing. That way I know what eats up the most of my time.

What kind of results have you achieved by tracking your time?

I've managed to find out what takes the bulk of my time - it's not the writing. Instead, it's the preparation stage that really eats away at my free time.

What is your favorite RoundPie feature?

By far the integration with Trello. Many of the clients I work with use Trello so I can track the time assigned to cards, which makes the communication and billing effortless.

Your best tip for tracking time or using the Pomodoro technique?

Don't be lazy and track everything. You never know where your biggest time wasters are. I was able to find out I'm not a slow writer - just a poor researcher. I learned from this and improved my skills over time.

Mile Živković,
content marketing manager and writer

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