Why has video become important for businesses in 2023? In today’s fast-paced business world, remote work has become increasingly popular as a work option. With the rise of digital technologies and flexible working schedules, most businesses are turning to remote working opportunities to attract top talent. Ensuring they remain relevant in the modern digital age.

According to a recent study by Buffer, 68% of remote workers would prefer to work remotely for the rest of their careers and have a positive experience as remote workers.

As remote work continues to increase in popularity, businesses are utilizing video conferencing as an effective tool to maintain productivity with their remote teams. Video conferencing has emerged as one of the most effective solutions which allow team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time. This leads to streamlining their work processes, resulting in high efficiency.

High efficiency


In fact, another report by Finances Online indicates that 58% of companies now use video conferencing in their daily work activities. Several surveys of remote team workers also revealed that they feel more connected to other team members and departments when using video conferencing. This helps to maintain healthy relationships between the departments of their business.

In this article, we aim to explore the top six benefits of using this video technology.

1. Improved communication and engagement in the workplace

Communication is the key to success in any organization. Video conferencing offers a unique way to enhance communication and increase engagement amongst remote working teams. As video allows remote team members to communicate and collaborate in real time, it enables the workforce to resolve issues or technical problems quickly. It also aids in sharing ideas easily, making decisions together and strengthening their relationship as a team.

Are you tired of wasting precious time trying to decipher unclear meeting notes? Video conferencing software provides the perfect solution with high-quality video and audio recordings. This guarantees you can replay any important moments from any meeting with great ease. One particularly interesting feature of this software includes the ability to allow transcription from audio to text, which will save your business valuable time and money.

According to a survey by the UK government, 88% of workers stated that remote working using video conferencing allowed them to get more work done, leading to improved collaboration and increased productivity within their company.

2. Increased productivity and efficiency of your business

As remote work becomes more common, it is vital to use tools to ensure your teams work effectively. To avoid delays and miscommunications, video technology steps in to immediately identify problem areas that need to be resolved. These tools aid team members in remaining focused on the task at hand without distractions. They can share feedback and files instantly, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.

According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, businesses that utilize these video conferencing technologies can save up to 30 minutes in each meeting. This would have a huge impact on the overhead of your business as well as the productivity of your staff. This study also indicated that you could expect to see up to 30% return on investment simply by using video conferencing tools.

A huge range of apps and software now exists that can assist your team in increasing productivity. One of the most common management solutions is to use specialist time management techniques, such as the RoundPie App. This useful app guides the user through the highly popular Pomodoro Technique. It indicates how to apply the technique to your task management systems, which will lead to enhancing efficiency within your business.

Increased productivity and efficiency


A study by Hubspot found that teams using remote video conferencing were 21% more likely to be satisfied with their work than those that do not. A further study by Zippia shows that only 11% of traditional meetings are effective, therefore video conferencing tools could be a better alternative for your business to improve productivity.

3. Enhanced flexibility for your team

Flexibility has quickly become an essential evolution for modern business teams. This is one of the most important benefits of video conferencing technology, as it permits your employees to work from any location at any time. In the modern digital age, this has become an accepted standard of working and a popular choice among many workers.

Are you tired of coordinating schedules and meeting locations for your team? This advanced technology provides the solution which allows your team members to work from home while traveling or even to participate from several different time zones. The study from Buffer revealed that remote workers experienced a 40% increase in productivity compared to their office working counterparts. This degree of flexibility has been shown to attract the top level of employees for businesses.

Another study by Owl Labs discovered that 84% of remote workers feel more connected to their team, which enables them to be more flexible in their work. Using video conferencing technology solutions can provide your team with greater flexibility, resulting in greater job satisfaction and retention.

Video conferencing


4. Improved accuracy and accessibility with audio-to-text converter

Are you tired of wasting time manually transcribing important meeting notes and conversations? An audio-to-text converter can save you important time and improve your working precision. Accurate and accessible communication is essential to all workplaces. Many video conferencing software includes transcription from audio to text features, which have become the standard in 2023.

These features particularly improve accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing team members, who can simply read the video notes after transcription. It also provides an exact and accurate record of any meetings, events and discussions. These could be accessed and reviewed at any future date. Having a written account of the meeting will be useful when referring back to the meeting, as team members will be able to locate the relevant section quickly.

Since the video has become such a key part of modern businesses in 2023, it could be very helpful to have a source for transcription from audio to text. This extremely desirable feature can replace a human taking notes for the meeting. It avoids the need to transcribe the notes into a document at a later date. This highly effective tool will give you time back to focus on more demanding and important tasks, which results in improved operational efficiency.

5. Saves on business overheads and reduces the impact on the environment

All businesses strive to reduce costs to increase their profits. Saving costs and reducing their environmental impact is vitally important for businesses in 2023. Remote working within teams has been shown to reduce meetings by 5%, which can assist in saving costs when running a business.

These video innovations help to greatly reduce costs and business overheads in various ways, as well as reduce their carbon footprint. Here are some of the aspects that your business can save on when using video technology:

If your team works remotely, they can avoid spending money to get into work. As a business owner, you will avoid the costs associated with the list above, which is highly beneficial to increasing profits. By using these video conferencing technologies, you can expect to see cost-saving and environmental benefits, leading to a more sustainable and profitable business.

6. Building trust and understanding through non-verbal gestures

One of the most significant challenges facing remote working teams is building trust and understanding between team members who are not physically in the same location. This is where non-verbal clues and gestures become crucial. Video conferencing now permits remote team workers to communicate non-verbally, as if they were in the same room together.

Non-verbal clues such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language provide insight into how team members think and feel. This promotes clear communication and reduces misunderstandings between team members. Additionally, these non-verbal gestures can assist remote team members in establishing more personal connections. These connections usually result in enhanced collaboration and productivity for businesses.

It was discovered by Dr. Albert Mehrabian that non-verbal clues account for 93% of communication effectiveness. This highlights the importance of non-verbal communication in building trust and understanding between team members. It also indicates the value video conferencing can provide in enabling this form of communication. Communicating face-to-face on video is essential for building trust within your team, and video can facilitate this.

Why choose video technology?

Video technology


Research has shown that video conferencing can increase productivity, enhance creativity and ultimately lead to a highly efficient workforce in your business. By embracing this video technology, you can elevate your business to heights beyond your competitors, harnessing the powers of collaboration between your team members and departments. Allowing all team members and departments to perform at the best of their abilities and ensuring high job satisfaction.

Overall, video conferencing offers significant benefits for remote team collaboration and productivity. Step into the 21st century and start enjoying these benefits of video conferencing technology for your company right now.

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