If you use a tool such as Calendly, Google Calendar, Bookeo, 10to8 or some similar calendar booking system, this situation probably happened to you at some point.

Just as you start a task and get to work, someone slips into your empty Calendly slot and hops in for a meeting. Whether it’s your boss, colleague, client or even a friend, your productivity burst is cut short and you have to find another time to finish a presentation or wrap up an important project.

We wanted to find a way to prevent this from happening to our users.

Ever since the creation of RoundPie, we propagated a concept called the Interruption shield. The idea is simple – as you start your RoundPie task, you are protected from interruption from all sources. There are several elements to the Interruption shield, and the one we’re discussing today is called Calendar Blocking.

Besides our Slack and Luxafor integrations and our Browser extension, it is the backbone of the concept. We also have the Slack integration, which turns on “do not disturb” mode every time you start the timer. Our Luxafor integration allows you to connect RoundPie with Luxafor lights to visually signal your coworkers you’re in the middle of a task. Finally, the RoundPie Browser extension allows you to block certain websites while the timer is running.

Put simply, as soon as you start your RoundPie task, your calendar slot is locked for the duration of the timer that you selected. The newly created event status is set to busy and no one can interrupt you or book a meeting so that you can complete your tasks with ease.

The way to activate Calendar Blocking is simple. Just connect your Google Calendar (NB: Use Calendar Blocking integration from our Outbound Integrations list), choose the calendar you want to sync with and you’re done. As soon as you start your task, the event is blocked.

Just connect your Google Calendar, choose the calendar you want to sync with and you’re done.

If you’d like to try out Calendar Blocking for yourself, you can do so for a week – with our special promo code! Calendar Blocking is only reserved for our Ultimate plan users, but you can try it out for free for seven days.

Grab your code today and start working without interruptions using RoundPie!

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