You will be surprised to know that cannabis can actually boost your productivity, but not in a way you might think.

Repetitive tasks and chores that stimulate the senses are all opportunities to enhance your experience with cannabis. But the real question remains, “How high do I need to be for this?”

Marijuana and Your Productivity. How to Be Productive?

Dosage control is crucial in terms of getting the most out of your improved state and the time you have dedicated to accomplishing your to-do list. Without proper dosage control, you’re more likely to get baked like a potato, nothing more.

Focus and productivity are the two main concerns for most cannabis users, recreational or medical. The laid-back stoner stereotype is old news. According to a recent survey, the average income for cannabis users in California is $93,000, as opposed to $72,800 for those who don’t use it currently.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean cannabis is good for everyone. It’s not uncommon for stoners to face challenges while trying to get things done. Maybe because marijuana use can often switch on the feelings of demotivation. Or, perhaps because it’s easier to zone out while high.

Whatever the case, there are some simple yet effective changes you can make to your routine to have more productive experiences with cannabis.

But, before we jump to conclusions…

A Few Things to Note About Marijuana and Productivity

Being lazy and unproductive can be generated by several other external stimuli. Therefore, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be dealing with laziness every time you smoke a joint.

A Few Things to Note About Marijuana and Productivity

It’s important to talk about the psychological standpoint prior to considering marijuana and productivity while high. If you keep on believing that pot makes you wicked high and less productive, it will.

Dispose of the thought that your unproductivity is linked to your marijuana use.

Being active and productive has to do with many factors. For instance, diets are a notable contributor to feelings of laziness and inability to get the job done. With that being said, there are some practical lifestyle changes you can consider to boost motivation and productivity— while keeping to use cannabis.

Scientists have had a hard time figuring out the real connection between cannabis and motivation. What we do know is that cannabis enters parts of our brain that govern something like motivation. Most of the studies, however, are scrappy with conflicting results.

The point is, we’re not encouraging you to smoke to boost your productivity. What we’re indicating is you shouldn’t trust those who tell you cannabis makes you lazy. It all depends on how you use it.

That said, below are some of the best tips on how to use cannabis and stay productive.

1. Set Your Goals

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to set goals. When you achieve a goal you’ve set for yourself, it boosts your confidence levels, which, in turn, keeps you motivated for future tasks. Remember, motivation is something you don’t lack; you just have the wrong goals. So, set realistic goals and inspire high productivity.

2. Stay Active

Once you’ve had a puff, head straight into your work, and try to keep that momentum going throughout the day.

The easiest way to kill productivity is by rewarding yourself early. Write down a to-do list and try not to get distracted until you have finished every single task.

No matter what you do, don’t ever go thinking “Maybe I could finish this later on” because when you do that, you’re essentially putting a stop to that built-up momentum. It will take forever to get back on track again.

3. Choose the Right Strain

We cannot stress this enough, but your strain choice has a significant impact on your productivity. Some strains are more helpful and effective during the night time or drowsiness, while others promote high physical energy.

For example, Sativa high effects are typically linked to higher energy levels, while Indica-dominant strains are associated with wanting to veg out completely.

So, if you’re still thinking which strains you should be using stay productive, look no further thank Sativa strains. They are used for focus, and the benefits include increased productivity, serotonin, and can also be used as an anti-depressant. Reward yourself with Indica smoke after a long, productive day.

4. Level of Tolerance

How much marijuana can you tolerate?

Once you know that, it will provide you with all the information you need to determine your consumption level. Remember, everyone has a specific level of tolerance in terms of using marijuana.

You may want to consider a variety of cannabis strains that are** low in THC **to avoid the heightened psychoactive effect. Identify the strength of your preferred strain before you smoke it. Also, learn the dosage you can tolerate.

5. Follow a Good Diet

Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to look after our diets. This could have subtle emotional impacts that can potentially affect our lives.

The food we eat can affect our brain, and that’s a good thing. Why? Because when you really think about it, you can achieve maximum productivity by manipulating your diet. Consuming extremely greasy or salty foods all day is likely to trigger your lazy gene. However, if you maintain a healthy diet, it will allow you to have more control over laziness.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the top five practical ways to integrate cannabis into your life to stay productive.

Make note of the successes, failures, and flaws, and then adjust your productivity models, as well as behavior accordingly.

What you can or cannot do is flexible, and what does or doesn’t work can be dynamic. Therefore, it’s not about predicting the future—rather taking the information you’ve obtained so far and thriving toward better, more synchronistic uses of your reactions and abilities.

It’s okay for these kinds of things to shift from day-to-day if that’s what works for you.

Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding marijuana and productivity.

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